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Citibank (stylized as citibank) is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, and later became First National City Bank of New York. The bank has 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States and 1,494 branches in Mexico operated by its subsidiary Banamex. The U.S. branches are concentrated in six metropolitan areas: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami. Aside from the U.S. and Mexico, most of the company's branches are in Poland, Russia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

One angry customer shared this in a review "I would give Citibank negative stars if possible. Every time you try to make a large purchase Citibank decline, then block your card for use. Had a $5000 point of sale limit. Card was blocked three separate occasions for purchases that came nowhere close to my limit, then once when I was putting a down payment of $5000 on a vehicle."


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Huidige werknemer - Anonymous says

"Management in Pune.. vooral de groep risico/ETS. Het is vervelend!"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaged to death. Underpaid and underappreciated. The VP of operations is a power hungry, backstabbing, evil witch! Avoid at all cost! Did I mentioned the location of the office was a nightmare?"

Teller 1 (Former Employee) says

"Horrible time at the branch meant management forcing the tellers to open up credit cards and during the most busiest time of the bank was on Friday’s and branch manager wouldn’t know how to use the system.Good coworkersNo breaks, busy, demanding"

Collector 2 (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional and ghetto and pays under what you deserve I do NOT recommend anyone working thereFeels like a high school and the managers are slimey and scandalous and unprofessional Cafe on site and gymNada"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The bank tells CSR's to have customers call the president of the bank and we give an 800 number. It is a joke. One customer took the bank to court because they held his account and would not release it when he left.I can't think of anyHorrible workplace"

Credit Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Avoid at all cost, what you're hired for can change at Citibanks discretion. No no no no no no no no no support. Just get on the phone and take calls, "training is almost non existent."

Service Processor III (Former Employee) says

"Hours were not flexible, expectations were to do the work of 3 employees, raises were never offered, no room for advancement. Years of dedication were wasted. I realized they made mistakes and brought it to their attention in order for us to not continue making those same mistakes and instead of rewarded for my attention to detail- was fired as fast as they could get me out the door"

AVP (Current Employee) says

"Open culture, with free flow of information Be aggressive to beat the bureaucracy and find a way around Some people in their drive to impress senior leaders tend to stretch and push the team"


"They are driven by greed and profit. They are run by white guys in ties who are so removed from the day2day of living and working in the real world. Opinions are frowned upon and often punishable. They accept mixed messages and inconsistent policies across the different organizations of bank, business, brokerage, mortgage. They treat employees like garbage. I do not know how they stay in business.NoneEverything you can imagine"

Costco Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Don’t work here, you’ll feel enslaved the whole time you’re there. The managers don’t care about anything except their bonus, your good numbers means they have a bonus. They won’t change your hours for any personal reason even if the doctor recommends part time, they won’t help you in any way, they treat you like an extra number.Not horrible payThey don’t care about employees"

Business Control Specialist Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company pick and choose whom they want to be in certain position does not go on the growth and career experience along with the education background"

Closing Disclosure Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Citi was a great place to start with this type of job and helpful manager taught you a lot. Just not easy to move up in the company due to the financial office you worked in doing loans."

Branch Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"I started as a part timer. I was very productive and was one of the very few who was not made redundant as I was good. I applied for a different post and I was not given that job as the company only wanted to give that job who were being made redundant. Management too is very political. It is important to know people if you want to get promoted. Hard work does not count."

Senior Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Awful, they do not in any way look after long term staff. They encourage extremely competitive environment. Management do not share the bonus pot what so ever. Very bad HR."

Application Processor (Current Employee) says

"Horrible experience a lot of discrimination, bad vibes, very unhappy working there. Management show favoritism, employees are overworked and underpaid."

VP, Global Finance Lead Analyst, Finance & Risk Shared Services (FRSS) says

"Good people but mismanagement and toxic environment, commute was great and I was able to work remotely up to 3 days per week and the bank holidays are great. Nice PTO at my level too but the actual team and specifically Sr Mgr who got promoted to Director was not a good manager within the FRSS group. She lied, spoke about other employees work and personal issues which was inappropriate."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Working for Citi group was the worst experience of my life! If you have any issues regarding your mental health do not work here! This place will kill your positivity, spirit and soul. It’s like the grim reaper in the form of an office. The managers are atrocious. During my time I had 2 different managers. The one woman was quite a piece of work. She was rude to all her employees, myself included. She would talk to us like we were teenagers and give us attitude for simply asking a question. She worked from home a few days a month. Not for any reason, but to stay home with her cats. Actually pathetic when you think about it. My other male manager was better but still condescending and rude. I asked to come in about 15 minutes late because I had a dentist appointment. He firmly told me no and if I have an appointment I have to take the full day off. I can’t just stay a few minutes later or work through part of my lunch. They timed your progress and how productive you were. If you were not productive for 85% of your day you were ridiculed and reprimanded. So you could take about 2 minutes to run to the restroom once a day and maybe take 20 minutes of your one hour lunch. Otherwise you were chained to your desk. If you even remotely enjoy your life, family, friends or mental and physical health I would STRONGLY suggest you forgo working for here. This place will kill your positivity and spirit in a matter of months. Do yourself a favor and skip this one!"

Senior Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Management will claim that they care for you, but it is all nonsense. Directors behave like they own the staff and pay for their salaries. No transparencies in career progression. Never join this place."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"-New hires earn more money than experienced employees than have been in the company for years. -Promotions are subject to Area Management mood or own rules. Not being promoted within the same branch for example. -Tellers and bankers usually know more than managers; biased hiring process. -Worst HR department ever; always on the managers side."

Customer Service and Sales (Current Employee) says

"Unrealistic expectations. Except you to do the job of 5 departments for less pay. Systems never work there are always system issues clocking and a lot of other issues. Underpaid"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Workplace Culture was not innovated. Supervisor lied on a regular bases. Team Leads not trained for the supervisor role, instead came in because the mortgage department closed. Cit made poor choices with customer service all the time"

DJ Sanders says

"Worst bank website. Never fails the site will mess up on me when trying to redeem thank you points or go so slow I can't get things done. Fix it!"

GW says

"Citi keep sending me personal details of a US customer. Unable to contact US as I am not a customer and they do not publish contact details. Contacted Citi UK who tell me they don't have to deal with GDPR complaints. No longer wish to receive a strangers details. It is telling that UK dpo email address blocks all incoming mail from most popular email providers."

Jeffrey Suer says

"No access to customer service or website. The Company seems to be dramatically slashing customer service hours despite the increased need of its customers in this challenging time. I've been dropped from 1hr+ holds with the 1-800 number twice now to respond to a fraud charge. The website is also currently down. This is a joke."

Vic Li says

"No customer protection. Better off with Chase. Scam of a company, don't trust your money with them!"

Mr. initiator says

"After 9 months of ongoing dispute with a merchant, Citi has decided to reverse all charges back to my account even though I have sent legitimate documentation to support my claim that the transactions were unauthorized. The customer service team is full of incompetent employees who wouldn't give a rat's buttock about its customers. Stay away from Citi! This company is not customer–oriented. Instead, they promote uncertainty, confusion, anxiety – exactly the sort of negative feelings that destroy long-term value for a company. If you don't want to be screwed over and over again, please stay away from Citi at all costs!!!"

Matt Weavil says

"Absolutely horrendous service. Even their automated system doesn't listen. This is one of the worst and most unreliable banks out there, don't trust them with a dime."

Joe Lemmon says

"TRUE RATING- 0 The absolute worst online experience of any company I have patronized. Every month, the system doesn't recognize the PW I HAD TO RESET the month before. Their system is continuously down/compromised - I am transferred to India (thinking of taking up Hindi) and no one there has any ability to move complaints up the chain- futile. Tried to have a ThankYou Points certificate sent to me yesterday- the CSR said they can't do it - can I call back in 2 weeks? Spoke briefly with IT dept today (they hung up)- the snarky CSR was defensive from the beginning- denied knowing about these issues, thoroughly discounted my experience and then hung up. I cannot wait until I can rip up the 2 cards I have- sick and tired of being abused by Citi."

Patrick says

"This is my first ever negative review in my life! But holy s... I have never had more problems with anything before, like I have with this bank/creditcard.. I am from Denmark, where banks actually understand that you are a costumer, and the reason why they make all their money.. This bank is just all around s..., the fees are insane, the interest is even worse, and they are not interested in helping you.. They are all nice on the phone, tells you that it was a mistake, and say they will credit your account back from what happened.. that never happened, call them back later to ask why ''Ohh sorry, it will be on your next statement'', also never happen.. BOOM, a little later, they hit you with a nice $99 annual fee.. What am I paying 99 dollars for here? you don't do anything els then just take, take and take.. Please listen to me, do not sign up for a creditcard here! There must be better cards/banks out there for you to sign up for.. I will promise you, if you sign up with this card or company, you will regret it.. This is not a review for just 1 time experience, this is for multiple, and they have all, been complete trash!."

Marco says

"I'm a CFO. Our company uses Citi NYC for business banking. We carry a 6 figure average collected balance (in other words, we're a good customer). But the bank? TERRIBLE! Have been trying to get our "banker" to contact us for the past 3 weeks. No response. Called the 800 number and was told he's "very busy" and that if we need to speak with him we should go in to the branch. In other words "his time is more valuable than yours." Say what? After receiving that response, the owner of our firm emailed him asking for the name of the branch manager. A week later...he we are with, once again, no response. This suggests a culture issue at Citi; no right-thinking banker would treat clients in this manner unless he knows that, should his unprofessional behavior come to the attention of his superiors, he won't be punished for it. In other words, bankers at Citi operate with impunity. They're loaded down with clients and the bank, per its business model, couldn't care less if they lose a few here and there. That's my impression. Bottom line: there are better banks, and bankers, out there. Citi deserves to be avoided at all costs."

oliver okafor says

"Worst experience I ever had in banking. Once they get you, they hold you hostage. They closed by online account and compelled me to pay me debt only by phone or auto pay, all to get you to default and so they benefit from you. I will put my money under my pillow if this were the only bank on earth"

David H says

"Signed up for a best buy credit card. Received the card and when online to set it up. Entered info and when I signed in to the account I get a blank screen. 3 calls to customer service not help, still can not access account online. I had to call them and have them put me on paper statements. Most likely after pay off I will cancel and will not use again"

Jas L says

"Horrible bank -- I caution all to stay away. All Citi branches and ATMs have been closed over the past years. Deposit rates are laughable -- 0.05% on more than £50k balance. The only way to get any service is to call. There are no international numbers, so if you happen to be abroad it will be expensive. Wrong SWIFT codes published online, causing a great delay in receiving my salary. When I was living abroad for a year, my card would routinely be blocked for normal transactions with merchants I had used before. It would be an ordeal to have it unblocked each time. Now my card details have been stolen and 56 fraudulent transactions were made within 1.5 days. Somehow this didn't get flagged in their high-tech system. It took a good hour to discuss this with the call center with no immediate resolution. Now I see that fraudulent transactions that were previously pending have been allowed to go through. There are plenty of better banks with better rates and superior customer service. I'm switching to one of them as I type."


"Customer service is non exsistent with this company.when you genuinely have a problem they will not sort it out for you,this is when your problems really start,been trying to sort out problem for 8 years now."

Martin Green says

"I'm not sure a bank could be more incompetent.I opened one of their Visa Platinum cards with a 24 month 0% interest free offers, with the intention of consolidating my ANZ platinum and AMEX platinum cards later in the year when they were due for renewal, and upgrading the citi card to Prestige. A week after approval, I email them asking about my balance transfer. ignored. Follow up again, I'm told it will happen 3-5 days after card activation. Follow up again 7 days after card activation. I'm told they're looking into it and will fix it. Contact them again after another 7 days and it's still not done. At this point, I doubt they'll ever get it right and all confidence in their competence is gone and I'll have to go back to the drawing board as far as a single premium card is concerned."

david t says

"The 2% on Citi's credit card is nice, but customer service is pretty weak. Well, insulting. When you have a question that the automaton can't find an answer to in the script binder, they suggest a manager call you back within 48 hours. I'm not joking. You see, all of the customer service managers are in meeting each time you call. Fancy that. So very busy. They'll perhaps ring you if available on their own timeline, say, in about two days."

David says

"Bought a vacation package from a travel company promoted by Purchased in May 2018 for travel in March 2019. Plenty of time for the company to disappear with my credit card payment. Discovered in August 2018 that the company and my funds were gone. Immediately reported the fraud to and after 3 weeks of waiting they ruled against me. Telling me I had to try to get the funds back myself. Citi fraud protection is a sham! Going back to American Express."

Frank says

"An exemplary example of a horrible customer service experience. Every company has a bad apple... but usually you can bypass the intellectually-challenged agent to speak to a superior who can assist in solving your problem. Not so with Citicards. The financial institution credited my Electronic payment (made in same format for at least 11 consecutive months prior) to the WRONG account. When I called to speak to customer service to straighten out the issue, I wasted 30 plus minutes of my life speaking to an ineffective and incapable agent who could not resolve my problem nor allow me to speak to his supervisor because "he was my supervisor". Instead of banging my head against the wall by continuing to speak to the agent, I gave up and will have to start from scratch again with a new call. Unfortunately, I was not able to file a complaint on this "supervisor" since I was prohibited from speaking to his "supervisor", "boss", " superior" or anything else his narrow little mind could interpret to be in a position above him in his call center."

pw henderson says

"Just received my first Citi card. I am a coder and have many credit cards. I registered it and created a login. I am unable to access my account online. Website is asking for a code word which I never submitted and no other options for logging in. The app has an error code which won't clear. I called the number on the back, there is no automated selection for this and when I pressed zero, I was taken to a message that said they do not have time. And then hung up on. And there is no email access to service reps. I have zero options to access my account. This card cannot be used now. Citibank: your tech and coding teams are completely inept. Please hire competent people. Allow email questions. Thank you."

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